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Welcome to Chafford 100 Dental Care where Dr Jagmail Basrai provides cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers for his Essex dental patients.

Oral Surgery - Cosmetic Dentistry

In Essex and London, UK

Dr. Basrai performs oral surgery for patients suffering from dental conditions causing pain, injury or damage to the teeth and gums.  Oral surgery is a specialty that requires precision, experience and top notch equipment and technology.  Dr. Basrai is current on the latest oral surgery techniques and has performed many successful procedures in London.

Oral surgery can be performed on the tooth structure, gum tissue, or bone tissue below the gums.  Oral surgery is most often used for severe cases of infection, impacted wisdom or other teeth, mouth tumors, jaw cysts, neuromuscular treatment, or any other condition inhibiting the proper function of the mouth.

As a top Essex and London oral surgeon, Dr. Basrai is able to diagnose and treat abnormalities of the jaw, teeth and gums that cause pain or other pressing symptoms.  Whether injury, genetics, poor dental care, or other factors are contributing to your dental difficulties, we’ll help you find a solution fast. 

Dr. Basrai has helped countless Essex and London patients improve their dental health and smile appearance with oral surgery. 

For smile solutions that last, contact Chafford 100 Dental Care in Essex and London.  Dr. Basrai and his team have the latest laser oral surgery procedures available to help you.

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