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TMJ Treatments

In Essex and London, UK

Patients with temporomandibular joint problems don’t have to face jaw pain, migraines and trouble sleeping any longer.  With over 50 effective TMJ/TMD treatments, this well-studied medical problem is a curable one.  Dr. Basrai will first need to thoroughly evaluate your TMJ problem, identify a cause, and postulate solutions.  Behavior therapy may work well for many patients, necessitating just a few lifestyle habit changes.  For more severe or prolonged cases, patients may benefit from device therapy, using one or multiple devices worn at night to alleviate symptoms from an uneven bite.  For a more invasive approach Dr. Basrai may suggest TMJ treatment involving surgery to reposition the jaw joints into a more desirable alignment.

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The Bite Guard Appliance

This appliance is constructed to eliminate or reduce the effects of a bruxing and/or grinding habit(s) and is made of a rigid plastic.    Bite guards are custom made to fit your mouth exactly.  It will take two visits to complete.

The appliance fits just around the biting surfaces of the teeth on the top jaw.  It will not cover the roof of your mouth.  Dr. Basrai will instruct you on proper insertion.

You should be completely free of any pain or soreness in the muscles or joints around your face or ears, whether or not you are wearing the bite guard.  It is meant to protect your natural teeth (enamel and dentin) from unnatural, pathologic wear caused by the bruxing or grinding habit.  Since the plastic of the appliance is softer than your remaining enamel, the plastic will wear when you brux or grind.  Expect the plastic to last about 2 years or longer if you do not have a severe problem, shorter if the habits are very abusive. 

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