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What causes TMJ?
One specific cause of temporomandibular disorders has yet to be identified.  For most patients, it may be a combination of factors contributing to an overall bad bite. Injury to the jaw, head or neck may have negative impact on the teeth, muscles, nerves, ligaments and bones and cause bite dysfunction.  Also, genetics, biting habits and stress may also be contributing factors. After a thorough evaluation by our neuromuscular dentist Dr. Basrai, we will use measurements and analyses to determine where the problem originates.  The next step is to formulate a treatment plan to alleviate symptoms and find a permanent solution.

What can I do to help alleviate symptoms of TMJ?
Dr. Basrai will give you a list of suggestions to lessen symptoms of TMJ.  Sometimes, only a simple ergonomic solution is needed.  You may want to limit activities that put a high amount of stress on the head, neck and shoulders, such as carrying heavy objects, slouching, or using too many pillows. You will also be asked to avoid bad oral habits such as grinding your teeth, chewing on pens or other objects, or biting your nails, and avoid foods like peanut brittle that can stress the jaw.

What do I do about my immediate pain?
If you haven’t had a chance to visit Dr. Basrai yet, there are some things you can do to seek relief from jaw pain, migraines, or other severe side effects.  Try an over the counter pain reliever, a hot water bottle, or heat or ice pack to numb, soothe and decrease the intensity of symptoms.  If you are experiencing intense symptoms, avoid eating hard or sticky foods, singing, or any other activity that utilizes frequent jaw movement.

Why should I have my TMJ treated as soon as possible?
The longer TMJ problems are left untreated, the more damage may be occurring to your bite structure.  Also, the quicker your symptoms are alleviated, the easier your life may become. Also, because many people with jaw pain and other TMJ symptoms have limited jaw mobility, they often avoid necessary dental check-ups or dental work to avoid the uncomfortable positions. If you’ve been dealing with jaw pain, headaches, soreness, or other signs of TMJ difficulty, contact Dr. Basrai right away.

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