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Cosmetic Dentures

In Essex and London, UK

A cosmetic denture may be an ideal cosmetic dentistry treatment for patients wishing to improve smiles that are inhibited by missing teeth. 

Cosmetic dentures are suitable replacements for one or all missing teeth, although there are certain restrictions patients should acknowledge during denture wear.  Consider a complete denture if all or most of your teeth are lost, or a partial denture if you need to fill in gaps left only by a few. 

Dentures are made to last years and withstand most normal chewing activities.  Foods that are extremely hard, such as hard candy or sticky substances, should be avoided when dentures are in. 

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Chafford 100 Dental Care patients appreciate the removable feature of dentures – it allows for thorough cleaning and comfort at night.  For patients looking for a more permanent or stable option, dental implants may be your best treatment choice.

Dr. Basrai has been crafting and placing cosmetic dentures for UK patients for many years resulting in countless beautiful smiles.

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