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Breath Treatment

In Essex and London, UK

We’ve all had the displeasure of talking to someone with less than perfect breath.  And we’ve all wondered if our peers could smell the onions we had for lunch.  But chronic bad breath is no laughing matter for many.  Bad breath that may not be situational, i.e. – due to the garlic fetish or smoking habit.  People who have been warned time and time again that they need to do something about their breath now can find a successful solution.

Dr. Basrai is an expert in the study of what causes chronic bad breath and how to “cure” it.  Many people who complain of bad breath aren’t aware that poor home care, lack of regular dental cleanings and an affinity for sugar can all combine to form foul-smelling plaque build-up on teeth. For some, simple lifestyle changes and better oral hygiene will quickly show results.  Bad breath can also be a sign of a more serious dental problem, like an oral infection.  For others, serious plaque removal techniques, special rinses and medication may help.

You may be a good candidate for our bad breath treatments if:

  • you have been told you have bad breath multiple times
  • you seem to be offered gum or mints quite regularly
  • you have a bad taste in your mouth throughout the day, regardless of brushing or mouthwash use
  • you don’t go anywhere without your gum
  • your saliva seems extra thick or paste-like
  • bad breath is inhibiting your social life

You don’t have to be embarrassed any longer! Treatment for bad breath is easier than you think.

If you’re self-conscious about bad breath, see what London family dentist Dr. Basrai can do for you. Call or email Chafford 100 Dental Care today for your personal dental health consultation.

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