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Cosmetic Dentistry FAQ

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What is the ultimate goal of cosmetic dentistry?
Cosmetic dentistry does not just create beautiful smiles and straight, white teeth.  Cosmetic dentistry applies the most recently developed dental materials and methods to minimize damage to tooth structure and to recreate the properties of native teeth.  New materials have similar physical properties as your natural teeth, as well as the same optical characteristics.  Once they are bonded (not just cemented!) with the best bonding agents available, they will be virtually invisible.  They will look and feel like real teeth, even in the back of your mouth, and will assume the same function as your natural teeth

Are cosmetic dentistry treatments expensive?
At Chafford 100 Dental Care, we never compromise quality. We use only the best materials designed to give you a beautiful, natural smile with longevity in mind.   An investment in a cosmetic dentistry is an investment in your health, appearance and future, and we do whatever we can to help you afford the smile enhancements you need.  We offer flexible payment plans and other financing options to fit your budget. 

Which cosmetic treatment option will give me the best look, function and price?
Each cosmetic dentistry patient is different, so Dr. Basrai must evaluate on a case by case basis.  Your best treatment solution will depend on the severity and location of the problem and your goals for treatment.  Whether you need porcelain veneers, porcelain fillings, bonding, dental implants, dentures or a combination of these services will be determined during your cosmetic dentistry consultation.  You may have the choice of several smile solutions while weighing cost, aesthetic value and longevity. Call or email Dr. Basrai to schedule your London smile makeover appointment. 

What is laser dentistry?
Laser dentistry is the use of laser technology to deliver efficient and safe dental treatment.  Dr. Basrai is on the cutting edge of laser dental services and offers the latest techniques to his London area cosmetic dentistry patients.  Lasers allow light energy to be harnessed and utilized to reach specific goals with cosmetic treatment. 

How have lasers become useful in cosmetic dentistry?
Dr. Basrai uses beneficial laser technology to accomplish many tasks, including cavity removal, enamel preparation for fillings and crowns, curing or hardening of bonding agents, activation of extreme whitening agents, and strategic gum reshaping.

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